Saturday, January 29, 2011

Global Game Jam at C-cubed Studios

The University of Denver is hosting a site of the Global Game Jam in the newly remodeled C3 Studios.

We have 50 registered participants from across Colorado, where we are the only site in the state. Roughly 40 participants have shown up so far. We have a mixture of working professional game developers, DU alums, DU grad students, DU undergraduate students, and high school students. Some of the high school students had participated in our prior NSF-sponsored game camps as well.

Global Game Jam participants brainstorming after announcement of the jam's theme, "Extinction."

Global Game Jam is a 48 hour game-development and local community building event of international proportions. It emphasizes collaboration, cooperation, and thinking on your feet. Global Game Jam is the largest single activity organized by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

There are currently 44 countries represented.
There are 170 registered sites with 33% of those in the US.
There are 6878 individual participants registered as of this writing.

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